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For more than half a century, Community Health Charities (CHC) has represented the most well-respected health charities in our country.  These charities, of which The ALS Association is a proud member, must meet stringent criteria in order to be accepted, ensuring a cost effective partnership that enhances the ability to deliver more of every dollar donated into the hands of those who desperately need it.  Through its nationwide network of 36 affiliate offices, CHC effectively connects the American workplace to credible charities focused on addressing our nation’s most pressing health issues.

Giving in Your Workplace Couldn't Be Easier!


Workplace Giving is an easy way to support The ALS Association Western Pennsylvania Chapter. Your gift supports patient service programs and nearly 80 research projects throughout the world. Giving at work through payroll deductions is simple and there are many convenient ways to contribute.

Contributing through the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC)

As a member of Community Health Charities (CHC), The ALS Association is also one of the approved health charities participating in the Combined Federal Campaign. 

Federal and state employees and members of the military are encouraged to participate in the CFC and may designate The ALS Association Western Pennsylvania Chapter by writing The ALS Association Western Pennsylvania Chapter on the Workplace Giving Form. 


 Combined Federal Campaing - 42370
State Employee Combined Appeal - 2000-0043

Making Your Gift through the United Way

If your company participates in the United Way Campaign, you can still designate your contribution to The ALS Association, Western Pennsylvania Chapter.  All you need to do to support The ALS Association, Western Pennsylvania Chapter is designate your pledge through United Way's Donor Choice Program by following these simple instructions:


  1. Read the instructions on your pledge card
  2. Write The ALS Association, Western Pennsylvania Chapter, 416 Lincoln Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15219 on the card, OR our United Way Donor's Choice Number, 209
  3. Call Jenni Franz at 412.821.3254 in our office for additional information or if you have questions

Doubling the Impact of Your Gift

If you are employed by one of the companies on this list, you can double your gift to The ALS Association, Western Pennsylvania Chapter by simply completing a Matching Gifts Form.  To find out if your company will match gifts to The ALS Association, Western Pennsylvania Chapter, please follow the link below:

Even if your company isn't listed here, check with your Human Resources Department to see if you have a Matching Gifts Program. If you do, you will be given a form to complete. After you complete the form, send it to: 416 Lincoln Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15209.