2021 CEO Soak - WPA

Mascaro Construction

Each year, Mascaro participates in the fight against ALS, a debilitating disease that has no cure.

In year's past, ALS held a CEO Soak for executives across the region to stand in the PPG Fountain and get “soaked.” This was an alternative to the famous ALS Ice bucket challenge. This year, the CEO Soak has been modified due to the COVID Pandemic, and Mascaro is going old school ... brining back the Ice Bucket Challenge. 

Being involved with the ALS Association is personal for the Mascaro Family. In 1993, Jack Mascaro, the founder and chairman of Mascaro, lost his mother, Jean Mascaro, to ALS after a two-year battle. Additionally, several of the employees at Mascaro have family members who have lost their battle with ALS. We have seen the way it changes families lives and understand the burden it is for not only those living with it, but also the families who support them. The ALS Association rallies behind those causes closest to our hearts.

Mascaro is stepping up to the plate to fight for the victims of ALS: those that are inflicted, their caregivers, and their family and friends. We are here to support you and are making our stance to assure you that you are not alone. Together, we must fight as one until there is a cure.

Make a donation by joining our team.  To join our team and fundraise for the CEO Soak, simply click the "Join Team" link on our team roster.All funds donated from this page will support our team's overall goal and help to provide critical services for people living with ALS in western PA. Thank you for your support! 

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